We asked leading food bloggers to share their love for wild Alaska fish tacos by participating in a series of recipe, writing and photography challenges. After receiving loads of great submissions, we picked out the following posts as our favorites.

Best Fish Taco Recipe

“My mom used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.I firmly believe that my deployment of this old adage led to the successfulcourtship of my now-husband. Yet, I should note that, at least in the case of myhusband, two other critical elements were at play: a Weber grill and cold beer.”

Best Grilled Fish Taco Recipe

Best Grilled Fish Taco Recipe

Best Grilled Fish Taco Recipe

“The salmon tacos are a slight diversion from the usual. First of all, it’s not chunkpieces of seafood in a shell. We decided to cook the salmon and mix it withingredients to create something similar to tuna salad. It has a mix of creamycrunch with a mix of spices used to season the fish. Secondly, salmon saladdeserved a different serving method, so we decided to go with taco shells.”

What is your best fish taco tip?

"What do you do when you have a lot of leftovers from the previous night\'s Tex-Mex salmon taco fiesta? You make taco salad, of course! I\'m a huge fan of a deconstructed taco salad."

Best Fish Taco Photo

“This taco recipe using fresh crab takes just 15 minutes to make. The key is touse the freshest ingredients possible and nice big lumps of crab. My store wasout of all their jumbo lump Alaskan crab so I made do with smaller pieces; it’smuch cheaper but worth the extra dollars for the good stuff when you can get it.”

Best Fish Taco Tuesday Photo

“Tex-Mex Seasoned Alaskan Coho Salmon Tacos with Roasted Sweet Potatoesand Black Beans”

Best Alaska Sockeye Salmon Recipe

“I want to share with you another fish taco recipe I came up with last night thatwould be a perfect celebration dish for Cinco de Mayo. I bought my fish at Costcoand I actually used frozen salmon portions. I splurged and bought what I think isTHE BEST SALMON IN THE WORLD: Wild Sockeye Salmon from the CopperRiver in Alaska.”

Why Alaska Seafood is perfect

“Green tacos! These are also sustainable. Wild Alaskan halibut is rankedthe “best choice” for halibut by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.”

Best Crab Taco Recipe

“A more correct title for this post might be Vietnamese crab salad mini tacos, forthat is essentially what these are. The filling is slightly adapted from goi buoi--Vietnamese pomelo and crab salad--with some avocado crema, red cabbageand sliced red onions. The shells are fried sui gow skins, an idea I got fromAndrea Nguyen, who writes that she borrowed it from Trader Vic\'s.”

Best Battered Fish Taco Recipe

“I really enjoyed the sweetness because it balanced out the bitter cabbage inthe slaw and the nuts played up the crunch on the outside of the fish. Togetherthe flavors made for a delicious taco that was a little bit sweet and a lot savory,perfect if you don’t generally go for spicy food. If I cannot make it to the islandsthis year, this taco is as close a substitute you can get.”

Wildest Fish Taco Adventure Story

“As I whispered a silent prayer to the weather gods, I saw a flit of color off thebow of the boat. A rainbow of iridescent blues, greens, and purple shattered thetop of the ocean. I pointed and waved. In a leap of beauty and majestic dreams,a swordfish gleaned through the air. Having only experienced this fish in a greylump on my dinner plate, I was mesmerized. Such color! Such elegance!”

Most Original Fish Taco Combo

“Yes, that’s not a typical tortilla. It’s actually an apple chip that I fashioned like ahard taco shell by wrapping the apple slice around a cannoli form that had beenwrapped in parchment paper. I’ll admit they’ve been hanging out in my bin ofbaking supplies, unopened, for months so it seemed time to put them to gooduse, even if not for their original intent.”